5 Reasons To Choose Visa On Arrival

  •  Hassle-free: 100% online procedure, no passport send-off
  •  Convenient: Applicable for all air-travelers to United Arab Emirates by Airplane.
  •  Fast processing: Maximum 72 hours processing time, 1 day for Rush visa requests.Save time: By applying visa at our website, you do not spend your time outside for waiting at the Embassy instead of processing online with your information and payment online.
  •  Reasonable: Low service fees, no hidden charges.Hidden fees are one of the more unpleasant things a consumer can encounter in today's world. Think of baggage fees that get tacked onto the price of your airline tickets, or "convenience fees" you have to pay when using your credit card to pay bills online. As one of our valued customers, you deserve to know exactly what you'll pay right from the get-go. When you shop with us, the price you see is the price you get. No service charge or convenience fee - just one low price that stays the same from start to finish
  •  More accessible: Best choice for those living far from Embassies.