UAE Visa requirements for Filipino citizens - Dubai visit visa

UAE visa for Filipinos: The United Arab Emirates and the Philippines recently celebrated 48 years since they first established diplomatic ties. With this bilateral relationship, the UAE is also gradually becoming a tourist destination chosen by many Filipino citizens.

UAE visa for Philippine citizens - How to get a UAE visa from Philippines

UAE visa for Filipino citizens - How to get a UAE visa from Philippines?

Do Filipino citizens need a UAE visa to visit the UnitAE? Philippines nationals must get visas in order to enter the United Arab Emirates. For more information on this topic, please join us in the article “UAE visa requirements for Filipinos”.

Filipino citizens need a visa for UAE

Filipino citizens who want to visit Dubai would need a tourist visa to enter the UAE because their country is not among those that qualify for the UAE's visa-on-arrival program.

Passport holders from the Philippines will need a current UAE visit visa in order to go to Dubai. Fortunately, there are various options and the application process is simple to obtain a Dubai tourist visa. 

If you are traveling to Dubai for vacation, business, a visit to loved ones, or even for fun, you can apply for a tourist visa. You may easily apply for this visa 

Instead of having to go directly to the embassy to apply for a visa card, Filipino citizens can now make this request online. So what are the requirements for applying for a UAE e-visa?

UAE E-visa Requirements for Philippine Citizens

To make a fast and successful UAE e-visa application, Philippine visitors should find out in advance the following UAE visa requirements and necessary documents:

  • Email: Your email address will be used to send you processed papers and critical notifications.
  • Use a credit or debit card to pay the application cost.
  • Profile/person page of the passport scanned. Please take note that your passport or other acceptable travel documents needs to be valid for at least 06 months and have two blank pages.
  • One of your passport photos (filename is your first and last name).

In addition, for a safe trip to the UAE, Filipino citizens should prepare additional UAE travel insurance for themselves and their loved ones. Your UAE visa is more likely to be approved by the UAE government if you have this insurance.

Check UAE visa requirements for Philippine citizens

Check UAE visa requirements for Philippine citizens

How to Apply for A UAE E-visa for Filipino Citizens?

Filipino nationals prefer applying for UAE e-visas these days because the entire procedure may be completed online using our platform. The registration process includes the following basic steps:

  • Step 1: Filipino citizens can apply for a UAE visa online using the form available on our website.

Log in to the website: UAE Visa Services and select the appropriate UAE visa service type. Then complete the information on the form.

Please complete the online application at Apply for an online UAE visa.

  • Step 2: You have the choice of using bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, or debit card to pay your bill.

Review the details of your registered information. Then the best online bill payment option.

  • Step 3: UAE e-visa information will be sent to the email you registered.

After successful payment, an email in PDF or JPG format containing a Dubai/UAE tourist visa will be sent. Please check the information on the email for any errors to promptly handle.

  • Step 4: As soon as you land in the UAE, airport personnel will stamp your passport.

After receiving the UAE e-visa information from the email, check it again and print it out so that the airport staff can stamp your passport for you.

UAE E-visa Fees for Philippine Citizens - Dubai Visa Price Philippines

With the UAE e-visa application that saves a lot of time, is the cost more expensive?

The fee for a UAE visa application will depend on many factors, so there will be no fixed and specific amount. Our UAE visa service fees will be divided into the following categories:

  • Normal UAE e-visa: This is a service for Filipino citizens who want to get their UAE e-visa within 03 working days.
  • Urgent UAE e-visa: For Filipinos who need a UAE e-visa in less than 48 hours.
  • Super Urgent UAE e-visa: For Philippines who want to get UAE e-visa expressly within 24 hours.

Note: In addition, the above UAE visa fees do not include the UAE Government fee.

Learn about UAE visa fee for Philippine citizens

Learn about UAE visa fees for Philippine citizens

How to Handle UAE E-Visa Transactions: A Guide for Philippine

1. Bank Transfer
The idea of meandering around souks materializes when one uses the dependable bank transfer procedure. 

  • The bank name: Wio Bank PJSC
  • Bank address: Etihad Airways Centre, 5th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates), 
  • IBAN: AE670860000009995340099 
  • Bank code: 086
  • Routing code: 808610001

The traveler's passage is guaranteed if money is sent to Wio Bank PJSC and fields like IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes are carefully filled out. With the financial guards of your entryway to the United Arab Emirates, it's a virtual handshake. 

2. Credit or Debit Card

  • Credit and debit cards are a good option for those who are drawn to ease of use. 
  • The acceptance of globally renowned organizations like as Visa and Mastercard reflects the inclusive and prepared cosmopolitan culture of the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Selecting a financial instrument becomes a private matter when American Express is available, with every transaction securely denominated in US dollars.

3. Paypal - The digital guardian

And then there's the PayPal world. Choosing this mainstay of virtual payments entails accepting security and adaptability: 

  • PayPal account
  • Credit or debit card through PayPal gate

When completing their e-visa preparations with a credit card or PayPal balance, Australian travelers are protected as a consumer, giving them peace of mind as their departure date approaches.

Which Is The Best Option to Apply UAE E-visa from The Philippines?

For Philippine citizens who want to visit the United Arab Emirates, UAE Visa Services offers the best advice on UAE e-visa applications. Through our website, Filipinos can conveniently apply online for a UAE e-visa without having to apply at the UAE Embassy in the Philippines. You will receive updates on your UAE visa application with the support of our staff as soon as possible.

Is the UAE embassy open in the Philippines?

The Commerce and Industry Plaza (CIP) building, located at 1030 Campus Corner Park Avenues, is home to the UAE Embassy in Manila, the Philippines.

The UAE government recently allowed tourists from all over the world, including Filipino nationals, to apply for UAE visas online from the comfort of their homes without standing in line at the UAE embassy in the Philippines.

For more information about UAE e-visa fees, services, and travel insurance, feel free to contact us for comprehensive support.

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