UAE Visa Requirements for Armenian Citizens - 2024 Updated

UAE visa requirements for Armenian citizens: Do Armenian citizens have any travel plans to the United Arab Emirates? However, you must first know how to obtain UAE visa from Armenia so that you can successfully pass through UAE immigration before you can unwind and start to get enthusiastic about your vacation.

UAE visa for Armenian citizens - How to get a UAE e visa from Armenia

UAE visa for Armenian citizens - How to get a UAE e visa from Armenia?

For Armenian travelers, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a variety of interesting experiences, such as shopping in Abu Dhabi, racing on the picturesque Yas Island, or sunbathing in Dubai. Read the information in our guide below to learn what you are required to do to obtain a UAE e visa for Armenian citizens.

UAE E-Visas For Armenian Citizens 

To be able to enter smoothly and easily into the UAE, Armenian citizens need a UAE visa. The process of applying for a UAE e visa for Armenian citizens is simple and easy to complete. If you choose a UAE tourist visa single-entry, which has validity for 2 months from the processing date and the duration of stay you can choose is 30/60/90 days from the arrival date.

Armenian applicants need to follow the UAE e-visa requirements for Armenian citizens to visit this beautiful country.

Check UAE Visa Requirements For Armenian Citizens

For travel to the United Arab Emirates, Armenian citizens are required to apply for a UAE visa. Applying for a UAE tourist visa will enable Armenian nationals to visit the UAE for a brief length of time. An Armenian traveler may enter the UAE only once or multiple times, depending on the type of UAE visa they have.

Depending on their country, travellers can either apply for a UAE e-visa for Armenian citizens in advance or obtain a UAE visa when they arrive. Different conditions or UAE visa categories apply based on the applicant's citizenship. Let's take a look at the documents Armenian passport holders need to submit to get a UAE e visa:

  • 1. A scan of the passport's biographical page/person (the validity of the passport or travel document shall not be less than 6 months prior to entry).
  • 2. A photo passport (any size you have) / person (the filename is your full name).
  • 3. A contact email to which all UAE visa notifications should be sent.

Check UAE visa requirements for Armenian citizens

Let check UAE visa requirements for Armenian citizens

How To Apply Online For A UAE E-Visa From Armenia?

Armenians can apply for UAE e-visas in a short amount of time. The required information can be completed in minutes by travelers on the form.

The processing of UAE e visas for Armenian citizens is quick. Most Armenians get their UAE visas within 48 hours of business days, while occasionally it might take up to three. Armenians who choose the priority UAE visa service will receive their visa in just 24 hours and will benefit from even quicker processing.

Get an UAE electronic visa to enter the UAE from Armenia. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the UAE e visa application form. Listed below is a 3-step process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online UAE visa application form

Fill in the online form at the link Apply UAE Visa for Armenian online here to process your UAE e visa to the United Arab Emirates.

  • Step 2: Pay the UAE visa fees for Armenian citizens

You can choose the most suitable and convenient UAE visa payment method to process

  • Step 3: Submit the UAE e visa request for approval

When you have completed step 2, please check your email from us for your confirmed details. We will then let you know when your UAE e-Visa will be ready.

After completing all the above steps should you constantly check your mail for any problems? If not, please print the UAE e-Visa we sent you via email when you board the aircraft.

Apply a UAE e visa for Armenian citizens

Apply a UAE e visa for Armenian citizens

UAE Visa Fees for Armenian Citizens

Armenian citizens can obtain a UAE visa for a variety of prices. UAE tourist e visas are often less expensive than regular UAE visas received through an UAE embassy in Armenia; nevertheless, different types of UAE visas have varying costs.

Armenians must choose between priority and normal processing while applying for a UAE e-Visa. Applicants pay the UAE e-visa fees securely online from Armenia by credit or debit card after computing the total cost on the payment page. Residents of Armenia can apply for expedited UAE e-visas at the register. The lists are as follows:

  • Normal UAE e-visa: If Armenians choose this regular option, you will receive your UAE e visa decision in 3 business days.
  • Urgent UAE e-visa: With this type of UAE e visa service, the processing time will be shorter. The UAE e visa can be accessed for 48 hours.
  • Super urgent UAE e-visa: If Armenian citizens use this service, you can expect to get your UAE e visa outcome in 24 business hours. This UAE e visa service presently has the quickest processing times.

Learn about UAE visa fees for Armenian citizens

Learn about UAE visa fee for Armenian citizens

To protect your benefits while going internationally, UAE Visa Services additionally advise that you get UAE travel insurance.

The Road to the Emirates: Armenian Citizens' Financial Guide to Obtaining a UAE E Visa

1. Bank Transfer
Mostly, this trip is funded via bank transactions. By carefully registering your SWIFT and IBAN codes, you create a financial link inside the global banking system that guarantees your entry into the Emirates. You entrust Wio Bank PJSC with your travel plans.

  • The bank name: Wio Bank PJSC
  • Bank address: Etihad Airways Centre, 5th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates), 
  • IBAN: AE670860000009995340099 
  • Bank code: 086
  • Routing code: 808610001

2. Credit or Debit Card

  • In contrast, credit and debit cards have a key that they may use to quickly swipe to open payment gateway locks.
  • Every cardholder, whether using a Visa or Mastercard, has access to a flexible instrument that allows for transactions that are a tribute to the volume and speed of contemporary business, all within the framework of the US dollar's widespread acceptance.

3. Paypal Payment

PayPal appears as a defender for those looking for the inner circle of a reputable payment partner. It provides a reliable procedure for obtaining your e-visa with only a few clicks and gives a venture into numerous payment methods:

  • PayPal account
  • Credit or debit card through PayPal gate

Whether paying with a linked card or your PayPal account, the service acts as a virtual guardian, making sure your attention stays on the thrill of impending sand dunes and refuge under palm trees.

Note about UAE e-visas for Armenians

You are required to apply for a UAE e-visa for Armenian citizens at least 03 days prior to your intended departure date in order to receive a visa at the airport. A valid UAE visa and your passport may be required by the immigration officers at the border checkpoint before they will allow you to enter this country.

UAE visa applications for Armenian citizens in UAE Embassy are more difficult. Armenians who require an UAE embassy visa should start the application online procedure well in advance.

Link here: UAE Embassy in Armenia - UAE Visa Services