UAE Visa Requirements for Belizean Citizens - 2024 Updated

UAE visa requirements for Belizean citizens: Belize is a Caribbean nation on Central America's northeastern coast. It is the only nation on Central America's mainland where English is the official language. So, can Belize get a visa for Dubai? What conditions must Belizeans meet in order to obtain a UAE visa?

UAE visa for Belizean citizens - How to get an UAE e visa from Belize?

UAE visa for Belizean citizens - How to get an UAE e visa from Belize?

Without a Dubai visa, you cannot board a flight to Dubai. You will need a UAE tourist visa that is good for the entire UAE in order to travel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. The UAE Visa Services website streamlines the visa application process for UAE residents in Azerbaijan. You can do this without standing in line in front of the embassy.

Check Uae Visa Requirements For Belizean Citizens

Keep the following documents available before submitting an application for a UAE visa.:

  • A color photo of your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended arrival date in UAE and has two blank pages).
  • Passport-size images captured in accordance with the UAE's immigration photograph requirements
  • Passport scan and good clarity
  • An email address is available to receive a UAE visa for Belize notifications.

The visa is valid for 02 months from the processing date of the e-visa, and Belizean citizens can stay in the country for 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days from the arrival date depending on the type of visa they are applying for.

How To Apply For A UAE Visa From Belize?

In order to provide online visa services, UAE Visa Services was established. We are happy to let you know that we are currently processing UAE visas on a global scale.

Belizean citizens can apply for a Dubai visa by completing the short online form with 4 steps:

Step 1: Fill out and complete the UAE visa online application form

To process your e-Visa to UAE, fill out the online form found at the following link: Apply for UAE e-Visa. You need to fill out certain personal information and visa-related information at this step.

Step 2: Pay for the UAE visa fee and provide the required documents

You should verify all the information provided in the previous step before moving on to this one. After that, select a payment method for our Visa service fee and complete the secure checkout form. You must submit additional documentation to complete your application form if we ask for it.

Step 3: After submitting the application, wait for the email confirmation with the UAE visa information

When your UAE e-Visa becomes available, we'll send you an e-Visa for your verified information. Your email address will be used to send the e-Visa after it has been processed and approved online.

Step 4: Download and print out a copy of your UAE e-Visa

You only need to print it out and present it with your passport after the visa is issued; there is no need to send your passport to the Embassy to wait for the visa to be passed on.

 Let check UAE visa requirements for Belizean citizens - Apply an UAE e
  visa for Belizeans

Let check UAE visa requirements for Belizean citizens - Apply an UAE e visa for Belizeans

Need To Know About Services And Fees Of UAE E Visa For Belizean Citizens - UAE Embassy In Belize

Belizeans will be required to pay two fees: one for UAE e visa fees and the other for the UAE Government fees.

UAE visa fee for Belizean citizens

For UAE applicants who wish to receive an eVisa, payment of the Government Fee is required. This non-refundable cost is assessed for assessing a visa application. More about making payment UAE e visa fees for Belizean citizens and UAE visa costs are here to help you.

Payment options include wire transfers and electronic payments (Bank of Cyprus). You should think about using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or American Express for electronic payments.

Learn about UAE visa fee for Belizean citizens

Learn about UAE visa fee for Belizean citizens

Important notice : UAE Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage is required for UAE visa approval by the UAE government. Belizean citizens can obtain UAE Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage without providing any other information by applying for an UAE e visa on our website, it costs US$299. 

UAE visa services for Belizean citizens

UAE visa service fee is charged based on the processing time you choose for your application. The UAE Visa Services offers the following 3 service options:

  • Normal UAE visa: for Belizean citizens who want to get a UAE e visa within 3 business days
  • Urgent UAE visa: for Belizean citizens who would like to get UAE e visa within 48 business hours
  • Super Urgent UAE visa: the fastest UAE e visa service for Belizean citizens within 24 business hours. 

UAE E-Visa Payment Guide for Belizean Citizens

1. Bank Transfer
With the help of the bank transfer, a seasoned sailor, you may arrange your trip to the UAE and chart your way across the stars. With a treasure map written in numbers and codes, the dependable IBAN and SWIFT beacons will steer your dreamboat to the beaches of approval as it navigates across the waterways of Wio Bank PJSC.

  • The bank name: Wio Bank PJSC
  • Bank address: Etihad Airways Centre, 5th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates), 
  • IBAN: AE670860000009995340099 
  • Bank code: 086
  • Routing code: 808610001

2. Credit or Debit Card

  • The card brigade is moored for the daring adventurers who are quick to grab their chance. 
  • Companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express fly the flag proudly and navigate the transactional seas with the US dollar's winds blowing through their sails.

3. Paypal Payment

Additionally, PayPal provides a stronghold on the high seas for the digital voyager who is cautious about privateers and sirens:

  • PayPal account
  • Credit or debit card through PayPal gate

It protects your e-visa, making sure that the only thing that evades the net is your ship, sailing safely into the UAE's sunset. It has a watchtower as watchful as UAE Visa Services Security.

The UAE embassy in Belize

Is there any UAE Embassy in Belize? Unfortunately, there are no representatives of the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Belize. However, in addition to Belize, the United Arab Emirates may have additional consulates there.

Who can Apply for a UAE Visa from Belize?

Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Bolivia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Belize, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Suriname would now be able to apply for a visa to Dubai online and receive their visa entirely online.

Note About UAE e visas for Belizeans

  • An additional 3$ (USD) will be charged to Belizeans with UAE tourist e visas who stay in the UAE for more than 28 days.
  • Belize passports must be valid for six months at least before entering this country.