UAE Visa Requirements for Djiboutian Citizens - 2024 Updated

Dubai e visa for Djibouti/UAE visa requirements for Djiboutian citizens: Dubai is the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates by area, after Abu Dhabi. It is also the most populous city, the main commercial hub of the UAE, and a popular tourist destination for its skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls and vibrant nightlife. For Djiboutians who wish to visit this fascinating city, a Dubai e visa/UAE visa is required.

The UAE visa application process may seem daunting, but the online UAE visa application for Djiboutian citizens is relatively simple and can be done right from your home. In this article, UAE Visa Services will discuss the UAE visa requirements for Djiboutian citizens and provide you with all the information needed to obtain a Dubai e visa from Djibouti easily.

Dubai visa for Djiboutian citizens - How to get a UAE e visa from Djibouti

Dubai visa for Djiboutian citizens - How to get a UAE e visa from Djibouti?

You may be wondering what are the UAE e visa requirements for Djiboutian citizens visiting Dubai. Be aware that UAE visa requirements change frequently, so keeping up to date with the latest information is essential. We have compiled all the important information about required documents and steps to apply for a UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens right below, check it out!

Let's Check UAE Visa Requirements For Djiboutian NCitizens

Djibouti is not on the list of UAE visa-exempt countries, therefore a valid UAE visa is REQUIRED for Djiboutian passport holders to enter the United Arab Emirates as well as Dubai.

  • The Djiboutian passport used to apply for the UAE electronic visa must be valid for at least six (06) months from the date of registration
  • Please remember that Djiboutian customers need to download and print out your UAE electronic visa, then bring it with you to show the UAE Immigration officers upon arrival
  • Djiboutian tourists may be banned from entering the United Arab Emirates for a certain period of time if they violate UAE visa regulations.

Applying for a UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens online through our website using a valid Djiboutian passport and some basic documents required.

Documents required to apply for a UAE visa for Djiboutian citizens

According to the official regulations of the UAE Government, to apply for a UAE visa for Djiboutian applicants, the following documents are required:

  • A valid Djiboutian passport
  • A completed UAE visa application form
  • A copy of Djiboutian passport biography first-page
  • Two (02) passport-size photographs of Djiboutian applicants.

Check UAE e visa requirements for Djiboutian citizens online anytime you need

Check UAE e visa requirements for Djiboutian citizens online anytime you need

UAE Visa Types For Djiboutian Citizens Currently Available

In fact, various types of UAE visas are available to Djiboutian citizens, however only the UAE e-Tourist visa has been approved by the UAE Government for visa application online by all countries.

There are currently three (03) popular types of UAE e visas available to Djiboutian customers based on the length of your stay:

  • 30-day stay UAE e visa
  • 60-day stay UAE e visa
  • 90-day stay UAE e visa

Visitors from Djibouti applying for a UAE visa should start this process before your intended date of travel as UAE visa processing times for Djiboutian citizens vary depending on the type of UAE visa chosen.

How To Apply UAE Visa For Djiboutian Citizens Online

Obtaining a UAE e visa for Djiboutians is relatively easy and can be done online. If you know what type of UAE visa you need, you can apply online for a UAE visa from Djibouti.

In fact, the UAE electronic visa has eliminated the need for international travelers to submit necessary documents and UAE visa applications directly at the UAE embassy/consulate. But the UAE Government still requires scanned copies of the required documents to process the online UAE e visa application from Djibouti.

In preparation to applying UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens, please prepare the following documents:

  • Djiboutian applicant email address to receive your UAE e visa notification and results
  • Djiboutian applicant's Credit/Debit card in use, to pay for UAE visa service fees
  • A recent color photo of the Djiboutian applicant, it should focus on your face, clean and sharp
  • A Djiboutian passport must have full biographical information without missing any data or lines
  • You must have a Djiboutian passport valid for at least six (06) months from the date of registration, and at least two (02) blank pages for visa stamping.

Follow these simple steps correctly to apply UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens online:

  • Step 1 - Fill out the Djiboutian applicant's information in the online UAE visa application form, including: full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, etc., as well as all detailed information about any itinerary you have.
  • Step 2 - Double check all the information entered in the step above, then the Djiboutian applicant needs to make the payment of the UAE e visa service fee and click "Send". UAE Visa Services may ask you for more information (if needed).
  • Step 3 - The result of the UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens approval with PDF format will be sent to your email box within 1 - 3 business days. Our website has built-in online UAE visa check status feature that allows Djiboutian customers to track the status of your UAE e visa application in real time, at any time you want.
  • Step 4 - After receiving the UAE e visa application result via registered email, Djiboutian travelers must print out your UAE electronic visa result and carry it with you at all times to be checked by the UAE Immigration Officer upon arrival.

A support team at UAE Visa Services is available 24/7 to serve Djiboutian customers who need assistance with the online UAE visa application process from Djibouti, which usually takes only 10 - 15 minutes.

Apply for a UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens online from anywhere in the world

Apply for a UAE e visa for Djiboutian citizens online from anywhere in the world

UAE Visa Fees & Services For Djiboutian Citizens

The UAE e visa, is an electronic travel permit that mainly serves the needs of Djiboutian citizens who want to enter the United Arab Emirates for short-term sightseeing and entertainment purposes.

UAE e-visa fees for Djiboutian citizens

Amount payable when Djiboutian customers apply for UAE e visa includes: UAE Government fee collected by UAE Immigration Department to process UAE visa application, and UAE visa service fee charged by UAE Visa Services.

  • The UAE e visa fees for Djiboutian applicants are determined by the UAE visa type and the UAE visa service option you choose;
  • Djiboutian customers can optionally choose the appropriate payment method and pay the UAE e visa fee for Djiboutian citizens;

Find out more details: UAE visa fees for Djiboutian citizens

UAE e-visa services for Djiboutian citizens

Currently, UAE Visa Services provides three (03) options of UAE e visa service for Djiboutian citizens, with varying costs depending on the needs of Djiboutian applicants.

  • Normal UAE e visa service

Used in most cases, this is the most basic and popular UAE visa service option for Djiboutian tourists who want to get their UAE eTourist visa within 03 working days.

  • Urgent UAE e visa service

Used in some special cases, this UAE visa service option is for Djiboutian citizens who want to get their UAE eVisa urgently within 02 business days.

  • Super Urgent UAE e visa service

Also known as Rush UAE e visa, used in cases of emergency. This is the fastest and most expensive UAE visa service option for Djiboutian customers who need a UAE electronic visa within 24 working hours.

Learn everything about UAE e visa fees & services for Djiboutian citizens

Learn everything about UAE e visa fees & services for Djiboutian citizens

Understanding UAE E-visa Payments: A Handbook for Djiboutian Travelers

Leaving Djibouti to go to the United Arab Emirates? A hassle-free trip requires familiarity with the complexities of UAE e-visa payment. This is a thorough handbook written especially for visitors from Djibouti:

1. Bank Transfer:

Explore the realm of dependable international transactional methods - bank transfers. You may easily transfer money by using the safe channels offered by Wio Bank PJSC by giving necessary information like:

  • The bank name: Wio Bank PJSC
  • Bank address: Etihad Airways Centre, 5th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates), 
  • IBAN: AE670860000009995340099 
  • Bank code: 086
  • Routing code: 808610001

2. Convenience of a Credit or Debit Card:

  • Use credit or debit cards for convenience; they provide quick and safe internet payments.
  • Cards that are accepted guarantee flexibility and simplicity of usage and include American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • To facilitate easy payment processing, transactions are handled in US dollars.

3. PayPal - The Digital Watchman:
Use the reliable online payment system PayPal to improve the security of your transactions. Select one of these:

  • PayPal Account: Take advantage of every transaction's strong security measures offered by PayPal.
  • PayPal using a credit or debit card: Make use of PayPal's safe gateway to have even more piece of mind; it reflects the security measures maintained by UAE Visa Services.

As a Djiboutian visitor, handling UAE e-visa payments becomes easy when you have these safe and practical payment choices. Travel to the UAE with assurance since you know that your visa application is in capable hands.

UAE embassy in Djibouti

Currently, the UAE embassy office has not yet been established in Djibouti. As a result, Djiboutian applicants can contact and apply in person for required UAE visas at the UAE embassies or consulates in your surrounding countries. And the nearest UAE embassy to Djibouti is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

You can find more information about consular and UAE visa services for Djiboutian citizens at the UAE embassy in Ethiopia.

  • The addressof the UAE embassy office in Ethiopia: Bole Sub City, Kebele 03/05, House No. 1884, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Phone number: +251 116 610 000
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • The opening hours of the UAE embassy offices in Ethiopia are 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, from Monday through Friday. The UAE embassy is closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Anyway, Djiboutian applicants need to make an appointment before going to the nearest UAE embassy.

Please notice that UAE Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage is highly recommended for UAE e visa approval by the United Arab Emirates Government. The main point that we need to pay attention is: it's only cost US$299/person for a useful travel insurance. Visitors from Djibouti can get more infomation about UAE travel health insurance  from our latest post on the website, just take a look!

Feel free to contact us anytime you need assistance or want to find out detailed information about the UAE e-visa requirements for Djiboutian citizens, we will always be ready to assist you with all we have. Finally, UAE Visa Services wish our Djiboutian customers a perfect trip to Dubai as well as the United Arab Emirates, just apply an e-visa now!