UAE Visa Requirements for Guinean Citizens - 2024 Updated

UAE visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan citizens/Dubai e visa from Guinea Bissau: No matter who you are, what country you come from, when you want to visit Dubai or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you must comply with the visa requirements of the UAE in order to enter this country. With the UAE growing in popularity as a tourist & business destination, as well as more and more tourists from Guinea Bissau traveling there, it is extremely important to understand the UAE visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan citizens.

This article will provide an overview of UAE e visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan citizens wishing to visit the United Arab Emirates, including: types of UAE e visa fees & services, required documents, and processing time for Dubai/UAE e-Tourist visas as well as UAE travel insurance for international visitors.

Dubai visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens

Dubai visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens

Furthermore, UAE Visa Services will also provide helpful tips and some steps to make the UAE/Dubai e visa application process easier for Guinea Bissauan citizens. We hope to help you successfully apply online for a UAE/Dubai e visa from Guinea Bissau through our official website as smoothly as possible, so that you can fully enjoy your trip in the United Arab Emirates. Let's get started!

Let's Check UAE/Dubai Visa Requirements For Guinea Bissauan Citizens First

Guinea Bissau is not on the exempt country list for UAE visa, so UAE visa is REQUIRED for Guinea Bissauan passport holders.

  • Travelers from Guinea Bissau to the UAE/Dubai are required to have a valid Guinea Bissau passport lasting at least six months.
  • Need to have a valid UAE visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens in order to enter the UAE/Dubai.

Can apply UAE visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens in several ways

Prepare the following documents to apply UAE visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens

  • A valid at least 6 months Guinea Bissauan passport.
  • A completed UAE visa application form.
  • 02 passport-sized photographs of Guinea Bissauan applicants.
  • A copy of Guinea Bissau passport biography first-page.

Check UAE e-visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan citizens

Check UAE e-visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan citizens

Find Out More About The Types Of UAE Visas For Guinea Bissauan Citizens Currently Available

The UAE Government presently only enables certain nations, including Guinea Bissauan residents, to apply for UAE e-Tourist visas online.

There are 02 popular types of UAE e tourist visas offered on the online visa market, including:

  • UAE e visa for 30 day stay
  • UAE e visa for 60 day stay

Visitors can apply for a UAE/Dubai e visa from Guinea Bissau if you know what type of UAE visa is right for your trip.

UAE Visa Services is currently offering 02 UAE e visa types with 02 months validity for Guinea Bissauan applicants:

  • UAE tourist e visa 30 day
  • UAE tourist e visa 60 day

Instructions On How To Apply For A UAE/Dubai Visa Online From Guinea Bissau

The United Arab Emirates Government has facilitated and simplified the process for Guinea Bissauan applicants who wish to apply for a UAE e Tourist visa online wherever you are.

To apply for a UAE e visa for Guinea Bissau citizens, please prepare the following documents

  • Guinea Bissau customer's email (in use) to receive UAE e visa result information
  • Guinea Bissauan applicant's Credit/Debit card (in use) to make payment of your UAE visa service fee
  • Guinea Bissau passport must have full biographical information without losing any data or lines
  • Guinea Bissauan passports must be valid for at least 06 months from the entry date and have at least 02 blank-pages for visa stamping
  • Guinea Bissau applicant's recent passport-sized color photo that must focus on your face, clean and sharp.

Follow these simple steps to apply online for UAE e visa from Guinea Bissau

  • 1) Fill out information of the Guinea Bissauan applicant including: Name, Gender, Date of birth, Nationality, Passport number,... as well as any itinerary details you have
  • 2) Double check all information entered and choose the appropriate way to pay your UAE visa service cost, then click "Send"
  • 3) Receive your UAE e visa approval results (with PDF format), which will be sent to your email within 1 to 3 business days depending on the UAE/Dubai e visa service you choose
  • 4) Print out your UAE e visa and carry it along at all times to be checked by the UAE Border officer on arrival.


  • UAE Visa Services may ask Guinea Bissauan customers for additional information (if needed)
  • In order, the UAE visa check status system allows our Guinea Bissauan customers to track in real-time your UAE e visa application status online on our website anytime you need.

Apply UAE e-visa for Guinea Bissau citizens online

Apply UAE e-visa for Guinea Bissau citizens online

Need To Find Out All About UAE Visa Fees And Services For Guinea Bissauan Citizens

The UAE e-Tourist visa is an electronic travel permit designed primarily for Guinea Bissauan residents who wish to visit Dubai/UAE for short-term sightseeing and leisure.

Details of UAE e visa fees for Guinea Bissauan citizens

The UAE visa fees for Guinea Bissauan applicants is solely determined by the service and type of UAE visa chosen. When applying for a UAE e visa for Guinea Bissau citizens, you only have to pay 02 types of costs, including:

  • UAE Visa fee charged by the UAE Visa Services
  • UAE Government fee collected by the UAE Immigration Department.

More about making payment UAE e visa costs for Guinea Bissauan citizens, and details of the UAE visa service fees.

Details of UAE e visa services for Guinea Bissauan customers

Currently, we offering 03 UAE e visa service options for Guinea Bissau applicants with different fees depending on the specific needs of each Guinea Bissauan customer:

1. Normal UAE e visa service

Regular UAE visa service option used in most cases for Guinea Bissauan travelers who want to get a UAE e-Tourist visa within 03 business days.

2. Urgent UAE e visa service

Used in some special cases for Guinea Bissauan nationals who would like to get a UAE e visa within 02 working days.

3. Super Urgent UAE e visa service

Also known as rush UAE e visa, used in emergency cases. This is the most expensive and fastest UAE visa service available for Guinea Bissau customers who need a UAE/Dubai e visa within 01 business day.

You can apply for a rush UAE e visa for Guinea Bissauan citizens.

UAE e-visa fees & services for Guinea Bissauan citizens

UAE e-visa fees & services for Guinea Bissauan citizens

The Necessary UAE Visas For Guinea Bissauan Citizens Can Be Obtained At The UAE Embassy

Applicants from Guinea Bissau can directly contact and apply for most of the required UAE visas for Guinea Bissauan citizens at the nearest UAE embassy or consulate in your country.

Currently, the UAE embassy has not yet been established in Guinea Bissau

Looks like there is no UAE embassy in Guinea Bissau. However, the closest UAE embassy to Guinea Bissau may be the UAE embassy in Dakar, Senegal or the UAE embassy in Conakry, Guinea.

The address of UAE embassy office in Dakar, Senegal

  • Phone: 00221338690000
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • UAE embassy office address: Corniche Ouest Mermoz – Rue MZ230, B.P 15150 Fann-Dakar, Senegal.

The working hours of UAE embassy office in Senegal

Guinea Bissau applicants are advised to make an appointment before visiting any UAE embassy/consulate in Senegal.

  • The UAE embassy office hours in Dakar, Senegal are 08:30 am - 03:30 pm on weekdays, closed on weekends & holidays
  • Guinea Bissauan applicants need to update public holidays of the UAE embassy/consulate in Senegal to be more proactive.

Consider Purchasing UAE Travel Insurance When Applying For Your UAE/Dubai Visa Online

Customers from Guinea Bissau should register to buy a UAE travel insurance when applying for a UAE/Dubai e visa online on our website, because:

  • UAE travel health insurance not only ensures many good benefits but can also provide maximum protection for Guinea Bissauans and your family against health risks or unexpected incidents when traveling abroad
  • The UAE Travel Insurance with COVID-19 coverage is Highly RECOMMENDED by the Government for consideration of UAE e-Tourist visa approval for Guinea Bissauan citizens
  • UAE Visa Services currently supporting Guinea Bissauan customers to purchase UAE/Dubai travel insurance with COVID 19 coverage without providing any other information by applying for UAE e visa through our website
  • Anyway, UAE travel health insurance is a very valuable and dependable companion for visitors from Guinea Bissau, as well as any international traveler in general.

Something About UAE/Dubai e-Tourist Visa For Guinea Bissauan Travelers

There are many businesses that offer a multitude of services as well as numerous types of Dubai/UAE visas, resulting in varying UAE visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan nationals; you need to be aware of these differences in advance.

We hope our article helped you understand the UAE/Dubai visa requirements for Guinea Bissauan citizens and how to apply for a UAE electronic visa online from Guinea Bissau.

* Important notes

  • Guinea Bissauan travelers who overstay the validity period of their UAE e visa in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates will be charged an additional penalty fee. Since October 14th, 2022, the UAE ICP has formally implemented the penalty for overstaying in Dubai/UAE
  • Guinea Bissauan customers remember to download & print out your UAE e visa then bring it along to show the UAE Border officers upon arrival
  • Guinea Bissau passport used for the UAE tourist e visa must be valid for at least 06 months from the date of application
  • Please remember that Guinea Bissauan nationals may be banned from entering the UAE/Dubai for a certain period of time if you break the UAE Immigration regulations.

* Conclusion

If you have any problem or question and need assistance with an online application for Dubai/UAE tourist e visa from Guinea Bissau, please contact us immediately. UAE Visa Services operate 24/7 and are happy to support our Guinea Bissauan customers anytime and anywhere with all we have.

We are trying our best to bring as many options of UAE/Dubai e-Tourist visa service as possible to serve all those who need a UAE e visa from anywhere in the world, including citizens of Guinea Bissau.

Finally, UAE Visa Services wishes all of our Guinea Bissau customers a successful UAE/Dubai e visa application and a perfect trip to the United Arab Emirates!