UAE Embassy in Bangladesh - 2024 Updated

The most relevant and helpful information on the UAE Embassy in Bangladesh is what we are here to provide you. In order to ensure your safety when traveling, you may obtain addresses, phone numbers, and even the locations of neighboring embassies. Study this piece and make a note of it in your trip guide! Being a part of your journey brings us great joy!

UAE Embassy in Bangladesh - UAE Visa Services

When there is an urgent situation or you need to be given with vital information during your procedure to apply for a UAE e-visa, we can get in touch with the embassies and a few consulates in satellite cities located in Bangladesh. 

This information is for:

  • Bangladeshi passport holders living in Dhaka
  • UAE passports traveling/working or living in Dhaka
  • Foreign passports currently residing in Dhaka

The Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Dhaka, Bangladesh locations

  • Location: House No. 191/ Gulshan North Avenue/ Gulshan No-2 Dhaka
  • Phone numbers: +88029882244 and +88029882277
  • Fax: +88028823225
  • Email: [email protected] 

Quick Facts:

  • Abu Dhabi and Dhaka are separated by a distance of 3718.89 kilometers (2310.81 miles). An average trip takes seven hours and forty-four minutes.
  • Abu Dhabi and Dhaka are two hours apart in terms of time. In Dhaka, at 14:02 on Wednesday, April 3, the time is 12:02 in Abu Dhabi, on the same day.

General Information

When it comes to visas and immigration matters, these are the most reliable and secure locations for travelers and Bangladeshi nationals who require more details to organize their next trip to the United Arab Emirates. 

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The purpose of this data is for:

  • Residents of Canberra who possess Bangladeshi passports
  • UAE passports needed for employment, travel, or residence in Washington
  • Currently resident in Canberra are foreign passport holders

Is there any UAE Embassy in Bangladesh?

Yes, there is.

UAE Embassy in Dhaka

  • Tel: 008802222282277
  • Tel: +88028823225
  • Email: [email protected]

Useful Information

Recently, The UAE Government accepted travelers around the world to apply for UAE Visas online right at home without having to stand in line at the embassy. 

In case you are not eligible for applying for an e-visa online, or you must visit the embassy in a mandatory situation, we are delighted to supply information about the UAE Embassy in your location.

Great! Apply with us now and enjoy your extra free time.

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