UAE Embassy in Nigeria - 2024 Updated

We are here to provide you with the most relevant and helpful information on the UAE Embassy in Nigeria. Addresses, phone numbers, and even the locations of neighboring embassies are available to you, which is helpful for your travel safety. Go over this article and make a note of it in your trip guide! We are delighted to accompany you on your journey!

UAE Embassy in Nigeria - UAE Visa Services

When an urgent situation arises or you need any information to be sent to you during the application process for a UAE e-visa, we can get in touch with Nigeria's embassies and a few consulates located in satellite towns.

This data is intended for:

  • Bearers of Nigerian passports residing in Abuja
  • UAE passports for travel, employment, or residence in Abuja
  • Foreign passport holders who are now in Abuja

The Embassy of United Arab Emirates in Abuja, Nigeria locations

  • Location: N0. 17 Kainji Crescent Off Lake Chad Crescent (Cadastral Zone A05), Maitama, Abuja, Fct
  • Phone number: +2348099009004
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 - 12:00 - 13:30 - 16:00
  • Fax: +23494643113
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Distance from city center: 3.28 km ( 2.04 miles)
  • Nearest airport: Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV)
  • Distance to airport: 27.52 km

Quick Facts:

  • Abuja and Abu Dhabi are separated by a distance of 5178.47 kilometers (3216.75 miles). It takes 10 hours and 47 minutes to get there on average.
  • Abuja is three hours behind Abu Dhabi in terms of time. When it is Wednesday, April 3, at 09:21 in Abuja, it is Wednesday, April 3, at 12:21 in Abu Dhabi.

General Information

Travelers and Nigerian residents who want further information to organize their next trip to the United Arab Emirates may contact these reliable and secure sources for any kind of visa or immigration-related question.

The UAE Visa Services website with a round-the-clock customer care staff that is prepared to listen to your inquiries and provide prompt, convenient answers ranks second among the places that visitors trust the most. Contacting us is not a problem.

At the Embassy, the following services could be offered:

  • Passport issuance and renewal
  • Notarization of documents
  • Granting visas to the United Arab Emirates providing support to UAE nationals in times of need

Is there any UAE Embassy in Nigeria?

Yes, there is.

UAE Embassy in Abuja

  • Tel: +2348099009004
  • Tel: +23494643113
  • Address: N0. 17 Kainji Crescent off Lake Chad Crescent (Cadastral Zone A05), Maitama, Abuja, FCT .
  • Email: [email protected]

Useful Information

Recently, The UAE Government accepted travelers around the world to apply for UAE Visas online right at home without having to stand in line at the embassy. 

In case you are not eligible for applying for an e-visa online, or you must visit the embassy in a mandatory situation, we are delighted to supply information about the UAE Embassy in your location.

Great! Apply with us now and enjoy your extra free time.

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